Author: Brian Malcheski


Current Events at Lexile Levels =

Type of Technology: iPads in combination with SAMR Rating: Modification Grade Levels: 4-5 Subjects: Current Events Cost: Site registration is free I like for the mere reason that the same article can be differentiated among all readers...


Sphero Part 2

Type of Technology: Sphero programmable robots SAMR Model Rating: Redefinition Grade Level: 4-5 Subject Area: Math Cost: $500.  Nothing after initial cost. This is part 2 in my posts about Sphero (see part 1). So...


Play is a Powerful Tool

Technology: Remote controlled robots (Sphero) linked to iPad SAMR rating: redefinition Grade: 4-5 Subject Areas: Geometry and measurement, graphing, coordinate planes, algebra, d=rt formula, Art, and more. Cost: initial investment hits hard ($500) but...