Author: Monica Scafide


“ShowMe” what you know.

Type of technology: iPad app SAMR Model Rating:  Modification Grade Level: 11-12 Subject area: Math Cost:  Free Recently my tech coach assigned us some reading.  What?! Homework??  Turns out it was some pretty good...


Let’s have an EDU/NEO discussion…about derivatives!

Type of technology:  Edu/Neo SAMR Model Rating:  Augmentation Grade level:  11-12 Subject area:  Math-Calculus (or any) Cost:  $0 Description of lesson taught:  This lesson was basically a discussion assignment on EDU/NEO to encourage discourse...


Building Equations Using

Type of Technology: Internet SAMR Model Rating: Redefinition Grade level: 9 (or any level) Subject area: Math (Padlet can be used in any content area) Cost: Free Description of the lesson taught: Are you concerned about...