Author: Samantha Mooneyham


Become “Wizer” with

Type of technology: Web-based SAMR Model Rating: Augmentation Grade level: K-12 Subject area: Any Cost: Free! Being able to tell if students actually understand a lesson or topic is difficult, especially when you have...


Thinking Inside the DragonBox

Type of technology: App SAMR Model Rating: Substitution Grade level: K-12 Subject area: Math Cost: Depends on the version, $4.99 or $7.99 each As a high school math teacher, I can usually look out...


EDpuzzle is the answer!

Type of technology: Website SAMR Model Rating: Modification Grade level: K-12 Subject area: All Cost: Free! I hate giving notes and lecturing. It’s boring, time-consuming, and I don’t think it’s an effective way to...