Kids Taking Charge of Organizing Tech in the Classroom

Katie Booser

Katie is a 5th grade teacher at Franklin Elementary School. You can contact her a

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2 Responses

  1. Reid Peterson says:

    Sounds very organized. Well done!

  2. I don’t have 1:1 technology but I do have 7 classroom iPad, an appointment with an iPad cart, an appointment in the computer lab, and a Tech crew. Students apply to be on the tech crew when the school year begins and they stay on it all year. They write me a letter telling me what they can do with technology. Here is the important part, I ask them to tell me how they learned it. I look for kids who are problem solvers, who are willing to dig around with technology, explore, and try it until they figure it out. At first, I allow the group to have between 6-10 students. This is usually everyone who applies .

    I ask them to listen carefully when I explain how to do something on the computer/iPad for the first time. I tell them that if it’s feeling like it’s taking a long time, then it probably is and they should ask me. I teach them a few simple commands such as how to add apps on self serve, how to restart an iPad if it is glitchy, where to find the correct printer, etc. Anytime kids have issues with finding a website or application, adding a table, creating a new document, using a new program… I just say, “Tech Crew, we need you.” and someone will jump up. They work quickly but quietly and feel empowered by their ability to help others.

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