Modifying Tests and Quizzes in NEO

Cailean Kilroy

Cailee is a 7th and 8th grade science teacher at Santa Barbara Junior High School.

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4 Responses

  1. Tracy Womack says:

    Thanks Cailean, this was really helpful. I have done a quiz or two on NEO, but did not realize that I could choose to have kids take different tests. I appreciate that you wrote and posted this. Tracy

  2. Kim Miller says:

    Thanks for this very helpful guide on NEO quizzes. Is it possible, when having them do a quiz, to block access to other websites or chat functionality?

  3. Cailean Kilroy says:

    Hi Kim,

    Good point, there is not a function on NEO to prevent them from going to other websites. I would just suggest to walk around and look at their screens to make sure they are on the correct site. In my experience, jr. high kids are pretty good and do not try to go to other websites (maybe they just don’t think about). Good luck!

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