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Hour of Code

Type of technology: Ipads or Computers SAMR Model Rating: Redefinition Grade level: Elementary 1-6 Subject area: Computer Science Cost: Free The time for the Hour of Code is upon us. Word-wide Computer Science Week...


Getting Started With Google Slides

Type of technology: Website or App SAMR Model Rating: Modification Grade level: 3-12 Subject area: All Cost: Free   Getting Started with Google Slides A Digital Presentation Application Deciding what technology to use in your classroom...

Stop, Start and Continue 0

Stop, Start and Continue

Type of Technology: iPads SAMR Model: Substitution, Augmentation and Modification Grade Level: 11-12 Subject Area: Science and Art Cost: N/A It’s June and that means we are wrapping up the 2014-15 school year at La Cuesta. I...