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Imagine Learning 0

Sometimes you DO get what you pay for.

Type of technology: Imagine Learning (Computer Program App) SAMR Model Rating: Modification Grade level: All (I think, but highly recommended for TK-2nd) Subject area: English Language Arts and ELD Cost: $30,000 – $40,000 per...


I Never Thought I’d Have My Own YouTube Channel!

Type of technology:  YouTube SAMR Model Rating: Redefinition  Grade level: All Subject area: All Cost:  Free I always thought YouTube channels were for people who entertain.  My little cousin has one, and she is adorable.  She...


QR Reader Download = Engaged & Integrated Children

Type of Technology: iPAD/Smartphone SAMR Model Rating: Modification & Redefinition Grade Level: All Subject Area: All Cost: Free QR Reader in the Classroom  After attending the awesome Professional Development day at the Apple Store and...