To Blog or Not to Blog

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2 Responses

  1. Stephanie Rivera says:

    Hi Shawna.

    You may or may not be able to answer this: I was wondering if Kidblog allows multiple people to contribute to the same post at the same time? I am currently using Blogger (the google blog that is totally free) but giving authorship to multiple people is very, very difficult. Before I start poking around with yet another blog site, I thought I would ask first 🙂

    Thanks! Stephanie

  2. Shawna Thrower says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I’m sorry for the late reply. I don’t believe that you can have multiple contributors on Kidblog. The only way I could see you doing this, is setting up a page for the students in the group.. (i.e. Sam and Jack’s Blog) and then giving them the password to allow them to access and edit their posts. I hope this helps!

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