Want to truly flip your classroom? Try VERSAL: an Interactive Course Creator

Stephanie Rivera

Stephanie is a chemistry teacher at Santa Barbara High School and has 25 years of teaching experience. She can be reached at srivera@sbunified.org.

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  1. Kim Miller says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    Thank you for showing us this very useful tool. It looks really easy to learn and set up for a course, so definitely will get some use by me! The quick gadgets for basic operations of an interactive course solve many problems that are addressed by other LMS’s and course publishing software, but with a much easier learning curve.

    One minor thing I don’t like about it so far – when we embed YouTube videos they will play their associated Google Ads. For example, in the video “Physical vs Chemical Changes” in Breanna’s CP Chem course, a google ad popped up saying “Britta water filters cannot filter out these heavy metals” (might possibly confuse a kid since it almost seems scientific!). I suppose we’ll just have to warn students that Who-Knows-What-And-I-Am-Not-Responsible-For-It will pop up in the middle of their instructional video.

    Or can we legally download somebody’s YouTube video (say, with Firefox’s add-on Download Helper) and then upload it onto a Versal course without its ads?

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